To This Day: YOUR Actions in YOUR Community

Most of us, at some point, have been hurt. Someone said something about a part of us that we were already insecure about. Someone stepped all over us to make themselves feel better. Someone just didn't understand, and no matter how much we tried to tell them to stop--because listening to their words felt like they were pouring acid into our lungs--no matter just how much we tried to shield ourselves, they always managed to wriggle their way back into us.

Most of us, at some point, have cried in a corner, too ashamed to tell anyone.

Meet Shane Koyczan, who delved back into his own painful past to bring us this spoken word poem:

You see, regardless of what the American Dream tells you, life isn't just about dreaming and working hard and achieving. Sometimes we forget that we are in a community, and the people around us are all living their own one-chance-at-life, totally real, first-person stories.

But when you remember that and remember community, well, then volunteering becomes so much more than signing up to get more tutoring credits. Let's build community, guys. (:

What do YOU think?

If you feel comfortable enough with it and want to take the next step to healing, you can send us your stories about bullying. We'll share them with everyone anonymously so you can really just see that you are not the only one who's ever been bullied or hurt.

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  1. Ahhhh this is such a heartbreakingly good poem and video.