Next Steps: FT Succession!

Hello, our lovely erudites!

With just one week remaining to the official launch of the Forward Tutoring website, the FTeam and I have been staying up late both out of excitement and in preparation of the upcoming week.

Our conversations:
Jennifer: Today was a lot of Forward Tutoring.
Mitchell: Oh I see. Those are good days. (:

And without further ado, we bring you exciting news: Most recently, this FTeam has grown by nine new fresh young minds! (They don't usually dress quite so fashionably, but today was an exception for our special induction.)

Peter: The reason I did this is that if I want to do something I need to go all the way, yaknow?

Jason: I dress for comfort, not for guys. I'm also cuddly like teddy bears... and [regarding the skirt] I don't always make the best shopping choices.

Antonio: I'm not afraid of going out there and being a little revealing. (;

Amy: I like pink, but even with the same color scheme, there can still be fun diversity!

Bianca: I can match... but I also have a dark side.

Valerie: I've always wanted a sweater vest.

Anita [regarding her duct-tape bow-tie bracelet]: When there are problems you can always piece things together!

Annabel: I wore this scarf like a headband because I know karate!
I don't think I'll be making any short jokes about Annabel any time soon.

Erin: I wore this hat because I love Anita and wanted to match her.

We're excited with the addition of these new FTeamsters and the increasingly streamlined process of Forward Tutoring administration. Keep checking back for updates, and we look forward to seeing you on February 4th when we launch!



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    1. I know right! These new team members are so young... but I can't wait to see what creative ideas they come up with! (:

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