From the Desk of David: Reflections

Naïveté. The Forward Tutoring secret.

Maybe it’s heinous to start a launch blog post with the word “naïveté,” let alone put it in the same paragraph as “the Forward Tutoring secret.” But I find no more fitting word to describe the past 18 months.

Part of me wishes that I knew what I was getting myself into 18 months ago. I would have asked for help from successful entrepreneurs earlier. I would have prioritized action above empty meetings. I would have trusted my teammates more. I would have challenged my teammate’s ideas more. I would have challenged my own ideas even more.

But part of me also knows that there’s no way the-David-of-18-months-ago would have agreed to sign on if he had known what would come. I’ve been called a workaholic by my 10-year-old brother Eugene, lost more friends than seems feasibly possible in a year and a half, and lost so much sleep. Oh, my poor beauty-rest-deprived eyes.

Yet, the knowledge that Forward Tutoring could become obsolete at any given moment with a faster, smarter competitor has made me realize that time is no commodity. And consequently, just how immeasurably precious time spent my brothers, parents, and grandmother is. The scramble to deliver on promises and handshakes has left me at my worst with the people I care about--and shown me that those same people are just as willing to help me get back to my best. And long nights typing away on the computer have no doubt cut away at potential hours sleeping in bed, but when you love what you’re doing, who cares? In fact, I’ve actually never felt closer to my family, my friends today, and to the feeling that work is truly meaningful.

And here I am. So thank goodness for Forward Tutoring; thank goodness for JJ, for Stephanie, for Mariko, for Mitchell, for Shannon, for Brian; and thank goodness for naïveté.

Please take a moment and check out our website at www.forwardtutoring.org, and like us at http://www.facebook.com/forwardtutoring?fref=ts. It would mean the world to me and the entire team. And please send me a message if you have any questions/want to chat/anything. Really, we’re just getting started, and we love feedback. :)