Let's Recap: Updates from the First Week

Dear dreamers,

Despite our upcoming biology and physics tests, research assignments, and our own lives, we're happy to say that Forward Tutoring has officially been in action for an entire week! This couldn't have happened without you--people interested enough to even give the blog a cursory glance, so we'd like to thank you and ask you to party with us! (:

After a short and exciting week online, we've come up with some brand new updates for the site:
  • Security: Our coders have improved even more the security of Twiddla, the tutoring platform, so your session will be exactly whom you want to include in the session--you and the tutor!
  • "Flag a Tutor": Students in Twiddla sessions now have the option to report the tutor to administration. A screenshot is taken of the tutoring session and the names of all users in the Twiddla session are reported and sent directly to us. Anyone inappropriately abusing the Twiddla sessions will be immediately dismissed from Forward Tutoring because we're now able to track exactly what was said, to whom, and when.
  • Tracking Questions: A neat feature we have is the ability to track who asked what questions in which categories that were answered by which tutor. This will help keep tutors accountable as we can now track who is answering which questions. It will also save us time so no two of our tutors will try to answer the same question simultaenously!
We were really impressed at the global enthusiasm for Forward Tutoring--students from all different time zones joined us from 5 PM to 12 AM CST. On launch day, February 4, our 1016 total visitors included not only students from all over the United States, but also students from India, the United Kingdom, China, Mexico, the UAE, Australia, Bangladesh, and Canada. As of today, students from Germany, France, Singapore, Brazil, Egypt, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Slovenia, Thailand, and Taiwan have all paid us a visit for an average duration of over five minutes. We're looking forward to seeing more मित्रों and 朋友 and amigos and أصدقاء in the future!

Today a young lady from Houston Community College called the Forward Tutoring 1-888 number and asked for Algebra help. Fortunately David came to the rescue and spent an hour with her talking on the phone and explaining how to factor an equation. It's honestly difficult to be a tutor, but at the end of the day David couldn't stop smiling after helping *Ellen answer her question. We love helping you guys out, so don't be shy!

Looking forward to the next time we chat,
--Jenny and your FTeam

*name changed for privacy

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  1. I'm so glad to see FT's progress! It's so amazing that visitors from so many countries have visited already within the first week :O